Why it is Beneficial to Join an Age Related Macular Degeneration Support Group

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When you are suffering with age related macular degeneration or know someone who is, you may find it a worthwhile endeavor to look into support groups for individuals with this condition. There are many benefits of support groups for any condition, especially one of this nature. Here we will look at the reasons that age related macular degeneration support groups are so beneficial as well as at a few of the ones that exist today.

Why Use a Support Group?

There are many ways an age related macular degeneration support group can help you. First of all, they allow you to find others with AMD so you can relate about your experience. It may be hard to have a condition that not many people can relate to, so being around others gives you a place to express yourself where people understand.

Age related macular degeneration support groups can also help to raise advocacy in the local area where they are happening. If there are a large amount of people with this condition in the area, they can relate with each other and help action happen in the community that will raise awareness so that people know more about AMD and how to prevent it.

Joining an age related macular degeneration support group can also help you to learn the latest developments in treatments and new techniques for working with the condition. Many of the online AMD support groups will have weekly or monthly broadcasts that you can listen to rather than read to learn this new information. Staying in the loop of current developments in age related macular degeneration treatment can help you feel more empowered and to make better choices about what actions to take.

Some Age Related Macular Degeneration Support Groups

You can look on the internet or have somebody help you to do so in order to find AMD support groups in your local area. These groups may meet up monthly or weekly in order to connect and discuss their experiences and new information.

There are also groups online that you can join from anywhere, often times for free. Here is a basic list:

The International Macular Degeneration Support Group has a website at http://www.mdsupport.org/nsg.html, and is free to join. They have monthly presentations on the internet and you can download the presentations from the past if you happen to miss the original.

You can also find information at http://www.webrn-maculardegeneration.com/macular-degeneration-support-group.html which offers monthly presentations, an email discussion group, and a web forum where you can talk to others about your situation.

If you want to find a support group in your area rather than on the internet, you can contact your local hospital, senior center and any eye doctors nearby. They will most likely have information that can help you to find where and when the local group meets.

Age related macular degeneration support groups are a great way to feel better about your condition and to enhance your life through the addition of more friends and people to relate to. Even if there is nothing you can do to completely remove the condition, you can do plenty of things to prevent further damage and maintain your mental health and well-being. Joining an AMD support group can be the first step in this healthy process!

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