Understanding Natural Treatments for Macular Degeneration

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There are many people diagnosed with AMD who are looking for natural treatment for macular degeneration. Perhaps you do not feel comfortable with the idea of drugs or you know your situation is not progressed enough to require surgery. Here we will look at how natural treatment for macular degeneration is used as well as some of the treatment options in this category.

How Can Natural Remedies Possibly Help My Condition?

It is true that macular degeneration is a serious condition and when the dry form progresses to the wet form, there are treatments available but many people still continue to go blind. One of the characteristics about natural treatment for macular degeneration is that it generally has to be used early on in the condition, rather than at the last minute.

You can think of this similar to using vitamin C to treat a cold. Once you are sick, it may do you little good to take a bunch of vitamins, even if it does help you get better sooner. People who take vitamins at the first sign of any symptoms may reap more of a benefit.

Natural treatment for macular degeneration is quite similar. There are vitamins and nutrients that are shown to be effective against developing more advanced macular degeneration, but they must be taken before it is too late. If your condition is significantly advanced, you should talk to your doctor about combining natural treatment for macular degeneration with other drug or surgical treatments.

What are my Options for Natural Treatment for Macular Degeneration?

Over the years, researchers have been studying the effects of different vitamins on the progress of macular degeneration. There are many vitamins on the market that are formulated specifically to help with different stages of the condition. You will notice that these natural treatments for macular degeneration have certain characteristics in common.

They usually involve a combination of the vitamins C, E, A, and beta carotene. Omega 3 oils and zinc are also usually included or recommended, as is lutein. These vitamins have been shown to be useful in various studies to prevent macular degeneration from progressing too far.

Saffron Treatment for Macular Degeneration

There is also research out there showing that saffron can be useful in reversing some of the cellular damage that happens with macular degeneration. In terms of natural treatment for macular degeneration, saffron is coming out on top in many people’s opinions because of its powerful ability to reverse cellular damage and protect the eyes. Since you can use it in cooking, there is no reason not to try and incorporate this little spice into your daily diet if you are at risk for developing AMD.

Marigold Extract for Macular Degeneration

Marigold extract, which contains lutein, is also beginning to make an impact on the macular degeneration treatment scene. When you are more comfortable with natural treatment for macular degeneration than you are with drugs as preventatives, you may want to ask your doctor about marigold extract and saffron tablets because they are proving to be so useful.

It is no surprise that natural treatment for macular degeneration is becoming a more popular and accepted concept. Many people are concerned about synthetic substances and chemicals, with good reason. However, nothing can take the place of talking to your doctor to make sure that these natural treatments for macular degeneration are appropriate for your particular situation.

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