Types and Roles of Macular Degeneration Specialists

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Macular Degeneration Eye Test

There are many different forms of macular degeneration specialists and it could get overwhelming when you start hearing the different labels without being exactly sure of what each one does. Each type of specialist has a different area of expertise when it comes to your eyes and retina, which, despite its size, is a very complicated area of the body! Here we will look at the different types of macular degeneration specialists and where their individual areas of knowledge preside, so you can feel a bit less overwhelmed.

Low Vision Specialists

Low vision specialists are macular degeneration specialist who can help you with life rather than with different treatments. They can teach you about different kinds of enhanced lighting and also show you the devices that can help you with your particular situation. They can also give you eye examinations and are licensed in the field of Optometry or Ophthalmology.

They can also refer you to people with more specific areas of expertise and other macular degeneration specialists who can help you. Think of them as your friend who knows the secrets that can help you even when it seems that nothing can help and the treatment options have run out. That is where these macular degeneration specialists truly shine.


Other macular degeneration specialists are called optometrists. Optometrists can prescribe you glasses or contact lenses and can also carry out eye examinations to find certain vision problems or diseases.

These macular degeneration specialists are there to help you with the process of finding the right tools that will help with your situation. They will figure out what kind of glasses or contacts will help you. If glasses or treatment will not work for your situation, they can direct you to the Low Vision Specialists who will find the products and services such as enhanced lighting and reading aids that will.


These macular degeneration specialists have a lot of abilities. They are also known as retina doctors and they are the ones that perform any surgery you might need. They can diagnose different conditions and prescribe the treatment, whether it be medication or surgery.

You can think of the ophthalmologists as the masters of the macular degeneration specialists, in a way. Their hands will be the skilled ones that perform the more complicated procedures, rather than specializing in finding you contacts or the right magnifying glasses.


These macular degeneration specialists have the ability to do lots of measuring and precise fitting. When your optometrist or ophthalmologist writes you a prescription, the optician is the one that makes the glasses or lenses fit your eyes. To do this, these macular degeneration specialists will measure your eyes and do tests to make sure everything is working properly.

You can almost think of the opticians as the macular degeneration specialists who act as the bridge between the treatment prescription and the ability of you to reap the benefits of that prescription. These macular degeneration specialists will make sure that everything is made to the right specifications for your situation.

As you can see, there are a few forms of macular degeneration specialists.  Most likely you will be working with a team of people, all with their own functions, to assist in treating and maintaining your condition. Knowing each person’s specialty will help you ask your questions accordingly and understand what is going on more clearly as you talk to the different macular degeneration specialists.

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