The Macular Degeneration Implant

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Theambitious world of science is always on its toes to find increasingly effective treatments for macular disease and the macular degeneration treatment implant is one of the newest steps in this direction. For some people, the implant holds promise of a longer time with clearer vision, which can be very important when it comes to activities such as driving and seeing your grandchildren’s faces. Here we will look at some of the information about the macular degeneration implant so you can consider if it might be a good choice for you or a loved one.

Who Invented the Macular Degeneration Implant and is it Safe?

A company called VisionCare based in Saratoga, California released the implant not too long ago. The FDA has approved it, unlike some of the other treatments that have been available to patients looking for any possible measures to take in order to save their sight.

One of the wonderful things about the macular degeneration treatment implant is that it has fewer side effects than some of the other methods. People who have received the macular degeneration treatment implant in clinical studies have in some cases been able to reverse their blindness or at least significantly improve it.

Benefits of the Macular Degeneration Treatment Implant

One of the most obvious benefits is that of cost. Some of the other treatments can cost thousands of dollars for one dose and require multiple doses. With the macular degeneration treatment implant, the cost is initially higher, but does not need to happen repeatedly.

For the patients who were able to see significantly better once receiving the implant, their quality of life improved dramatically. Central vision is important for many daily activities and for a feeling of independence, which these people could enjoy with the macular degeneration treatment implant.

Not only was the level of blindness improved, but people could see better color contrast and less blurriness. The macular degeneration treatment implant could also be used in combination with other drugs and therapies. It seemed to work best when people had undergone therapy to at least stop the leaky blood vessels from growing before the macular degeneration treatment implant was given.

Is the Implant Widely Recognized and Studied?

There were two clinical trials conducted in 28 of the leading ophthalmic centers in the United States. The results have been published in a variety of scientific journals including the American Journal of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology. It is safe to say that this treatment has been studied widely and is supported by some of the most experienced and respected people in the field of vision care.

Because so many people have donated to foundations that research macular disease, the macular degeneration treatment implant has been created and studied extensively. For people suffering with AMD, the access to this technology is priceless and can be life changing. If you or someone you know is suffering with AMD, the macular degeneration treatment implant may be an excellent thing to talk to your doctor about.

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