Talking Computer as a Visual Aid for Macular Degeneration

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In the world of visual aids for macular degeneration, there are many options as technology becomes more advanced. Talking computers are one of the things that many people with macular degeneration are choosing to invest in because they can make life so much easier and allow you to keep much more independence even if your sight is deteriorating. Here we will look at the features of talking computers as they serve as visual aids for macular degeneration so you can decide if you want to find one or not.

Make Your Computer Listen to You

One of the things you can do is get software that allows your computer to take commands from you. There are visual aids for macular degeneration that make the text much larger so that you can read it, but with this voice-activated software, you do not need to read at all if you do not want to!

Your computer will not only be able to do research and tell you the weather, but it can also look up your personal contacts and perform math if you are trying to do your bills! Even if you can see the computer well enough with other visual aids for macular degeneration, it can be a relief to be able to use a very strong magnifier to look at your check book while telling your computer what math to perform so that you can balance it. This combination of visual aids for macular degeneration allows you to stay more focused rather than having to switch your eyes from one medium to another.

Let Your Computer Talk to You

While you are doing the research and asking your computer to do math, you might be wondering if you will have to read the answers. The answer is no, you can have the computer talk to you in all of these cases. These visual aids for macular degeneration allow the computer to read out loud from different programs including Outlook, Power Point, Adobe and Explorer. Depending on the software you get, there may be different programs included on the list.

Having your computer read to you is one of the most amazing visual aids for macular degeneration because it allows you to save even more strain on your eyes while still benefitting from the use of the internet so you can find out what movies are playing, what the weather is going to be and what your current phone bill is.

Let Your Computer Type for You

There are also software programs that act as visual aids for macular degeneration by allowing your computer to type out what you dictate to it. This technology allows you to send emails to your friends, keep in touch with people who live far away and record your voice for later purposes if you want to do that. You could tell a bed time story and send it in mp3 format to your grand child who lives in a different country if you wanted with the help of these visual aids for macular degeneration!

Visual aids for macular degeneration are becoming more advanced every year and undoubtedly this trend will continue. A talking computer is a great idea for you even if you can still see the screen. By reducing the amount of time you will spend focusing on the computer screen, your eyes can be relaxed more of the time while you are still able to take part in internet activities thanks to the development in the field of visual aids for macular degeneration.

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