Talking Clocks as Vision Aids for Macular Degeneration

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When you are diagnosed with AMD, you should be aware that there are many forms of macular degeneration vision aids on the market today to help you live as independently as possible. Clocks with the ability to talk are one of these macular degeneration vision aids that have helped many people to feel less stress and confusion in their own homes. Here we will look at the characteristics about these clocks and the features to look out for so you can find the best talking clock for your situation.


Talking clocks are great macular degeneration vision aids because they remove the need for you to strain to see the numbers on a normal clock. All you have to do is press a button so you can hear the time! This can be very convenient and they are inexpensive enough so that many people can afford to have one of these macular degeneration vision aids in several different rooms.


There are a variety of sizes for these macular degeneration vision aids. You can find small talking clocks for your bedside or a larger one for a bigger room. The options are endless and the price will vary with the type of clock.

You could always start with one talking clock and see how you like it. Then you could purchase more talking clocks for other areas of your home if you feel that it would be useful.

Variety of Information

These macular degeneration vision aids do not only tell you the time. Some of them have the ability to tell you the temperature outside, or even the date. This can be useful when it becomes hard to look at small calendars.

If this type of information is important to you, make sure the macular degeneration vision aids you are looking at offer it, as not all of them will!

Voice Activated Clocks

There are some talking clocks that take voice commands. These macular degeneration vision aids can also tell you the time when you ask out loud instead of having to press a button.

However, the reviews for these have not been very good. If you are considering getting a voice activated clock, be sure to make sure the reviews of the particular one you are looking for are good!

Talking clocks are one of the great macular degeneration vision aids that have come out onto the market and are continuing to do so all the time. Newer versions are available each year, with more effectiveness and options. When you are considering different macular degeneration vision aids for your home, talking clocks can be a great idea!

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