Talking Calculators for Macular Degeneration

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Do you have AMD and have a hard time seeing your calculator in the office or at home while you balance your checkbook? One of the great new macular degeneration vision aids that have come out is the talking calculator, removing the need for you to look at little numbers on a small screen! Here we will look at some of the options when it comes to talking calculators.

Calculators with Alarms

Some of the talking calculators that are made as macular degeneration vision aids also have alarm clocks that you can program to play music. They can also display the date, though not always verbally. These macular degeneration vision aids can be a great bedside item so that you can have your alarm handy, or they can be perfect on your desk when you want to set a certain amount of time for your math-related activities or remember certain appointments.

Foldable Calculators

These macular degeneration vision aids actually fold up so they can fit inside your pocket! Some of the foldable calculators are also magnetic so that you can stick them on the fridge when you are not using them.

These macular degeneration vision aids can be handy because of their transportability and ability to not be lost.

Calculators with Clocks

There are also macular degeneration vision aids that are talking calculators with a clock function as well. This feature allows you to press a button and know the time as well as the results of your equations. This can also be a handy office item when you do not want to look at a tiny calculator and wrist watch.

What to Keep in Mind

There are many options for talking clocks that serve as macular degeneration vision aids. You want to make sure the buttons are big enough so that you will be able to see and use them easily. Furthermore, if the calculator comes with a clock, be sure that it is a speaking clock if that is what you are looking for! Look at the variety of possible options and consider each one before choosing.

When it comes to any macular degeneration vision aids, you want to make sure to check out the reviews for the item you are looking for. Lots of features do not necessarily mean the product is better, so think about what you really need it for. Macular degeneration vision aids are improving all the time, promising to help out people with AMD to live more independent and relaxed lives.

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