Talking Bathroom Scales for Macular Degeneration

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There are many visual aids for macular degeneration that help people to live more safely even with diminished sight, including talking bathroom scales. Some products are there simply for the sake of joy, like jumbo playing cards, but the talking bathroom scales are useful for health purposes as well. Here we will look at some of the reasons there are to get a bathroom scale with visual aids for macular degeneration.


Talking bathroom scales are basically self-explanatory. They are scales you stand on but since they have visual aids for macular degeneration, their numbers are larger than normal and there is an option for having a voice come on that tells you your weight out loud.

If you are familiar with most bathroom scales, you know that their numbers can be quite small, even if they appear digitally. The talking scales with visual aids for macular degeneration are meant to be understandable even if you cannot see as well as you used to.

Health Benefits

As you probably know, there are some connections between macular degeneration and physical health. If your macular degeneration has progressed so far that you need a talking scale, it may be impossible for lifestyle changes to greatly help your condition. However, by taking advantage of the visual aids for macular degeneration built into these talking scales, you can at least make sure that your weight stays healthy.

By keeping a healthy weight, you will be able to avoid some other health problems that can happen when you get overweight. Having a hard time seeing can reduce the amount of physical activity you can do because you might be less tempted to walk on the street or drive to the park. It is important to find as many visual aids for macular degeneration as you can so that you can continue to take part in activities and stay healthy!

To Keep in Mind

Make sure that with any talking bathroom scale with visual aids for macular degeneration that you consider buying, you also look at the reviews. Some of these scales will have a longer life than others and some will have different features. You may want the scale to always talk or have the option to not talk. Look into the options for your price range and confirm that other people had success with that particular model.

A talking scale with visual aids for macular degeneration can be a great gift idea for someone you love that has a hard time seeing. They can help you to stay healthy without adding extra stress of straining to see numbers from far away. Visual aids for macular degeneration are being built into numerous products currently, so be aware that life with macular degeneration does not mean that you have to give up all of the conveniences that you used to have.

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