Surgery Options for Macular Degeneration

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Surgery for macular degeneration is available for certain people who are suffering with this condition. There are a variety of treatments available for AMD and each person will have a unique situation that calls for a different treatment approach. Here we will look at the treatment of surgery for macular degeneration.

Thermal Laser Photocoagulation Surgery

As you probably know, wet macular degeneration happens when abnormal blood vessels are growing beneath the retina, interfering with photoreceptors and the ability to see. This surgery for macular degeneration involves using heated lasers to seal off these extra blood vessels. By preventing the current vessels from continuing to leak, the surgery for macular degeneration is able to prevent further vision loss for the time being.

However, this surgery for macular degeneration does not restore vision that has already been lost, nor does it heal the tissue that has been damaged. One of the dangers is that it could harm some of the healthy cells surrounding the extra blood vessels. You must remember that even when a skilled doctor is performing surgery for macular degeneration, there is no way to tell the laser exactly what cells to heat up and which ones not to. The eye is a very small area and the unhealthy blood vessels are close to healthy cells in this small area.

If your blood vessels are growing directly under the center of the macula, your doctor may not use this particular surgery for macular degeneration because it could be too risky for your sight.

This laser surgery is used to treat wet AMD only. If you are diagnosed with dry macular degeneration, your doctor will probably not suggest surgery as an option for treatment.

Macular Translocation Surgery

Macular translocation surgery for macular degeneration is a process where the doctor will detach the retina from the base and rotate it. He or she will then put it in a different position so that the macula, or center, sits on a new and healthy base. This will allow you to see and time will tell if another surgery for macular degeneration or medication needs to be taken. This is one of the treatments of surgery for macular degeneration that is not the best idea for everyone and your doctor will be able to tell you if it is an appropriate choice for you.

This treatment does not work for dry macular degeneration because the new position will only cause it to happen again.

When you are diagnosed with AMD, it makes sense to look at the different options of surgery for macular degeneration. Keep in mind that surgery is not the best option for everyone and only your doctor can tell you for certain what your options are. Both of these surgeries are not a definite cure for the disease, but they can slow the progress, especially if they are performed early before central vision is lost all together. As more research is done and new methods are discovered, there are bound to be only more forms of surgery for macular degeneration in the future.

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