Macular Degeneration Vision Aids for Writing

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Most of us write every day, whether it is for self-expression or to pay the electric bill with a check. For those of us with macular degeneration, writing can become much more difficult than it used to be. Here we will look at some of the macular degeneration vision aids for writing that are on the market today so that you can continue to write when you want to with more ease and confidence.


There are various types of paper that you can get from the internet or the office supply store that make it easier to see what you are doing. Rather than college-lined paper, find paper that has wide spaces and the darkest lines. These serve as macular degeneration vision aids because they can help you see the lines more clearly rather than having to guess.


There are many pens that are going to feel great in your hand but write with too narrow of a line, and others that will write perfectly but not be comfortable to hold. The important thing is to find one that has both feels comfortable in your hand and writes dark enough for you to see it.

Writing Tools with Macular Degeneration Vision Aids

If you cannot find paper that you can see, or are having a hard time seeing your check book, you do not have to worry. There are plastic writing guides that sit on top of your notebook paper and checkbooks. These macular degeneration vision aids help you to feel where the space is that you should be writing rather than relying on seeing it.

The writing guide macular degeneration vision aids are available for all different purposes. Whether you want to write a letter, make out an envelope or sign a form, you can find one of these macular degeneration vision aids to help you. You can buy a whole set for less than ten dollars, including dark pens and paper. Unlike some macular degeneration vision aids, these are simply made from plastic and shaped effectively to be a great help without the use of extensive technology.

Writing is an important skill to be able to maintain throughout your life so that you can send thank-you notes, write down information from phone calls and sign checks and other forms. Finding macular degeneration vision aids that are geared toward keeping you confident while writing can be a great step in the process of staying as independent as possible throughout your life. Of all the macular degeneration vision aids, the writing guides are some of the least expensive and most effective.

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