Macular Degeneration Hallucinations and Support Groups

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Some people with AMD experience macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations and may at first be concerned that they are losing their mind. The good news is that this condition is becoming more understood and is not so much an issue of psychology but of the condition of age related macular degeneration. Here we will look at the macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations so that you can better understand what is happening to you if you are experiencing them.

The Symptoms

When your mind is clear, you know what is really around you and what is not, for the most part. People with macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations end up seeing things that they are sure are not actually part of their surroundings.

They may see something as vague as a pattern of lines or designs, or something as specific as buildings and trees; even people. With macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations, any visualization is possible.

These visualizations that are characteristic of macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations tend to occur suddenly but can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. They may happen over the course of weeks, never to be seen again, or throughout many years.

What can I do to Treat Macular Degeneration Symptoms Hallucinations?

There are several things you can do without the help of anyone else. For instance, try changing whether the light is on or off. You can also add more light to a room permanently if you find that dimness is contributing to your hallucinations. You can also try to blink your eyes rapidly or close them and open them, seeing if that helps.

In some more extreme cases of macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations, people take medications to deal with the feelings that happen that are associated with the images. In some cases the medications may help, but in others they do not.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

The name that is given to the condition in which people see things that they know are not there is Charles Bonnet Syndrome. The Charles Bonnet Syndrome is not only present with macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations but is also experienced by older people who have a severe loss of vision.

Isolation’s Role in Macular Degeneration Symptoms Hallucinations

It seems that macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations happen more often with people who are more socially isolated than others. There could be a variety of psychological reasons for this, but if it is happening to you, it may be a good idea to increase the amount of interpersonal connection you have in your community.

One way to increase your connection to community in order to deal with Charles Bonnet Syndrome is to look into macular degeneration support groups. Macular degeneration support groups can help you to find others to talk to and as much support and information as possible.

For anybody suffering with macular degeneration, there are many challenges. The symptoms from the condition can be devastating and the side effects from some of the medications can complicate things even further. By learning about Charles Bonnet Syndrome as the reason for macular degeneration symptoms hallucinations and joining macular degeneration support groups, you can be better able to find ways of feeling better and obtaining support.

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