Macular Degeneration Antioxidants in Nuts and Beans

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Antioxidants found in foods and vitamins are becoming more popular as a way to prevent illnesses such as macular degeneration. Many people know this, but still have a hard time feeling like their diet can include antioxidants without lots of compromise. In reality, having a diet rich in macular degeneration antioxidants is quite easy! Here, we will look at the ways you can incorporate nuts and beans into your diet to get a rich supply of macular degeneration antioxidants.

Antioxidants in Beans

Usually people associate antioxidants with fruits and vegetables, which is a smart because antioxidants are found in many green and red vegetables as well as lots of berries and colorful fruits. However, beans are also a source of macular degeneration antioxidants while also providing a healthy protein!

Not all beans are created equal when it comes to antioxidants, though. When you are at the grocery store looking at dried beans trying to figure out which ones to get, aim towards the red beans which are the highest in macular degeneration antioxidants! Next up are the red kidney beans, followed by pinto beans and then black beans. To get your macular degeneration antioxidants from the beans, try to find an organic store that sells them in bulk. You will find that it is still inexpensive, but the organic quality will help there be more antioxidants than the beans that have been sitting in cans for a long time in preservatives.

The only planning involved for making beans is that they have to be soaked. You can soak them overnight and cook them the next morning in a slow cooker or on the stove and then make a variety of recipes that will be rich in macular degeneration antioxidants. Rice and beans, burritos and soup are three popular choices!

Antioxidants in Nuts

For anyone who thinks adding macular degeneration antioxidants to their diet is a hard thing to do, nuts are one of the ways to prove them wrong. These little protein-rich foods are easily transportable, can be added to anything, and last a long time!

Almonds are one nut that is great for macular degeneration antioxidants. The best way to get almonds is to find them in an organic raw variety. Natural food stores usually have them in containers or in the bulk bins so you can get as many as you want. When they are roasted, some people think that they lose some of their antioxidant properties, so raw is best.

Pecans are also a nut that is high in macular degeneration antioxidants. You can eat up to a handful a day to help protect you against diseases and they can be made into sweet dishes, such as pecan pie.

Walnuts are also very high in antioxidants. They can be thrown into any salad, stir-fry, steamed veggie dish or even ice cream! There is no end to the ways you can eat walnuts and still obtain the macular degeneration antioxidants benefits!

Beans and nuts may not be the first things that pop into your mind when you are thinking about macular degeneration antioxidants, but hopefully now, they will. Finding ways to incorporate these versatile foods into your diet can give you extra boosts of vitamins and protein that will keep you satisfied and healthy throughout your day. Macular degeneration antioxidants are an important way to protect yourself from not only the disease but from a variety of other health problems as well, so eat up!

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