Macular degeneration Antioxidants and Free Radicals: Understanding Their Relationship

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Macular degeneration antioxidants have been shown to be a powerful tool in the prevention and management of the disease. The reason antioxidants are so useful is partially because of their effect on the cells of the body. Here we will look at why macular degeneration antioxidants are such a good idea because of their cellular impact so that it will make more sense to you why it is such a good idea to take them!

Antioxidants Taming the Free Radicals

You can think of free radicals as people who are starving for food but have nothing to eat, so they run around causing trouble in society (society being your body). Free radicals have unstable electrons that can damage cells in the body, causing trouble with no rhyme or reason.

Macular degeneration has many risk factors that are linked to the presence of these free radicals in the body. Smoking cigarettes, being around toxins, car exhaust and sunlight all can cause damage to the macula. Macular degeneration antioxidants can help!

Free radicals are the product of a process called oxidation, so you can imagine how macular degeneration anti-oxidants are useful in this regard. If the free radicals were all people who were causing trouble because they were hungry, the antioxidants are the people who run around feeding everyone (feeding them a missing electron, to be precise) so that the radicals are calm, neutralized, and no longer causing any trouble.

Antioxidants and Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration antioxidants are useful in a variety of ways. They can help to prevent many of the deteriorating aspects of aging, protecting you from oxidation that happens naturally from the accumulation of toxins in your body. Macular degeneration antioxidants help keep you as healthy as possible, like little police men of health inside your body, making sure all the cells are acting correctly.

Some of the macular degeneration antioxidants include Vitamin C, E, zinc and beta carotene. These macular degeneration antioxidants can be found in regular fruits and vegetables, especially when they are organic. They can also be found in supplements specifically made with macular degeneration antioxidants in mind for your benefit.

Macular degeneration antioxidants are an important way to protect your health, especially if you are at risk for developing this illness. There are many forms of macular degeneration supplements that can provide these antioxidants, and you can also read our articles about antioxidant foods to see how you can take steps towards your health today. When it comes to prevention of AMD and maintenance of your health even when you have AMD, macular degeneration antioxidants are a powerful way to start!

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