Lutein and Macular Degeneration

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Knowing about lutein and macular degeneration can help you to take appropriate steps to protect yourself from developing this disease. By eating the right foods and taking supplements, many people are able to increase their health and well-being and avoid getting macular degeneration. Here we will look at some information about lutein and macular degeneration including what lutein is and how you can be sure to get the right amounts of it in your diet.

What is Lutein?

Lutein is a carotenoid, a type of antioxidant that is found in various places of the body. It is especially present in the macula and the eye, which is where lutein and macular degeneration find their relationship.

Lutein is also found in foods, usually the ones that are orange or yellow. When you eat these foods and increase the lutein in your body, your macula gets to benefit from the antioxidant properties of the carotenoid. It is almost like giving yourself the protection of invisible sunglasses and reduces the amount of oxidation that can happen to your retina. Lutein and macular degeneration are closely related, as lutein enhances your protection against this disease.

Where Can I Obtain Lutein?

When you want to benefit from lutein and macular degeneration protection, you can do so in a variety of ways. By eating foods that contain lutein such as eggs, spinach, carrots, red peppers and tomatoes, you will be reaping the benefits of lutein. Having little bits throughout the day each and every day is beneficial, but you need to make sure that you take enough of it if you want the full benefits as they relate to macular degeneration.

Buying Lutein

One way that many people choose to get most of their lutein is to take supplements. You want to make sure that the supplements you choose have enough lutein in them. Most people should get from 4-8 milligrams a day, but for lutein and macular degeneration benefits you want 6-10 milligrams a day.

Make sure that the supplement you choose to get lutein and macular degeneration benefits has good reviews from doctors who say that the lutein in that supplement is absorbable by the body. Generally, the cheapest option may not be the best one when it comes to lutein and macular degeneration prevention.

You will often find lutein supplements for macular degeneration that have a variety of other antioxidants and vitamins in them as well. This is because lutein and macular degeneration research has shown that there are many other vitamins that can be preventative. Talking to your eye doctor can help you to better understand what lutein and macular degeneration supplements may be the best option for you.

Studying lutein and macular degeneration has helped scientists to find out what people can do to prevent themselves from developing this serious condition. Now you can benefit from this knowledge and take action in your life to be sure and get enough lutein to protect yourself from this condition if you are at high risk. Learning as much as you can about lutein and macular degeneration prevention is a great start as long as you use your knowledge to have a healthier life!


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