Low Vision Phones for Your Safety and Convenience

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Big mobile phone with desk phone design

There are some macular degeneration low vision aids that are there for your convenience and others that are there for your safety; the low vision phone is one of these aids that falls in both categories. These phones are built for people with low vision and hearing so they have many features that make them much more usable than a normal phone in such circumstances. When you are looking through your options for macular degeneration low vision aids, you should consider the low vision phone.

Features for Your Convenience

If you have macular degeneration and have tried using a regular phone, you may have a variety of issues. For one thing it may be hard to see the numbers, for another it may be hard to work the answering machine. When someone calls, it may be hard to see the caller I.D.

There are some macular degeneration low vision aids that can help you to use a normal phone by magnifying your vision so you can see it properly. However, why would you want to add an extra step to the process of being able to see your phone? What if it was an emergency and you were having a hard time finding your magnifier in order to dial 9-1-1?

These phones are macular degeneration low vision aids because they have large, lighted buttons. The screen for the caller I.D. is large and has greater contrast than many other phones, allowing you to see who is calling and avoid any annoying phone calls.

Rather than using a combination of other macular degeneration low vision aids to be able to see your phone, it makes a lot of sense to get a phone that is specifically meant to be convenient for your situation.

For your Safety

As we mentioned, you could find yourself in a situation where you need to make an emergency phone call and do not have time to find another one of your macular degeneration low vision aids. These phones are usually built with an emergency button that you can push in this instance rather than having to dial any numbers at all.

Furthermore, these phones that serve as macular degeneration low vision aids also have the feature of having buttons you can program to be your most used phone numbers. This can be useful in the case of your safety. For instance, if you are not feeling well, you might want to call a relative or neighbor and tell them to check on you or take you to the doctor. Having the phone with macular degeneration low vision aids built right in allows you to make these important calls without any hassle.

There are many reasons why a low vision phone can be a great idea as a macular degeneration low vision aid. They have clear sound, loud ringers, large buttons and all sorts of features built in for your convenience, depending on the phone. Do not compromise when it comes to macular degeneration low vision aids and make sure to get the products that you really need right when you need them.

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