Lighted Handheld Magnifiers for AMD

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Lighted Handheld Magnifying glass

There are many benefits to having a variety of handheld lighted magnifiers as visual aids for macular degeneration. These transportable products can help you in a variety of situations and are relatively inexpensive. Here we will look at some characteristics of these handheld magnifiers as well as what to keep in mind when purchasing one.

Main Characteristics of Lighted Handheld Magnifiers

These products are great visual aids for macular degeneration and come in a variety of styles. Some will have one main magnification setting while others have a few different options. They can fit in your pocket and be taken anywhere with you for on-the-go magnification power.

There are also electronic magnifiers that show a screen with the information magnified on it. These may be more expensive visual aids for macular degeneration, but they also can give you much more magnifying power.

The types of lights on the handheld magnifiers will differ with certain products. LED lights have the longest life and are very energy efficient. Many visual aids for macular degeneration are beginning to use LED lights now because of this reason.

Uses for Handheld Magnifiers

These visual aids for macular degeneration have endless uses. At a restaurant you can use them to see the menu in detail rather than just ordering based on memory. You can read labels for medications and foods to see what the ingredients are. You can look at your mail more clearly and not have to strain.

You can use them in order to see your phone better or to read a book if you do not have vision aids for macular degeneration specifically for that purpose.

What to Keep in Mind

When you are trying to pick out one or several of these visual aids for macular degeneration, it is important to think of what you want before you choose one. Do you want one main magnifier or several different ones so you can put one in each room? Do you want many magnifying options on each one? Is the magnification power of the product you are looking at enough to be helpful for you?

Make sure to check out the reviews for the different lighted handheld magnifiers so that you can be sure the one you are getting will last a long time. These visual aids for macular degeneration usually require batteries for the lights so be sure it is a battery type that is easy to find.

Handheld magnifiers that light up are one of the great visual aids for macular degeneration available today. They are convenient, affordable, transportable and incredibly helpful in many situations. If you are looking for a gift for someone with AMD and wanted to get one of the visual aids for macular degeneration, these magnifiers are a great option!

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