Gift Ideas for People with AMD

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If you know someone with AMD and are looking through vision aids for macular degeneration for gift ideas, there are many inexpensive options that will be useful for them. There are countless products on the market today that help people to live more independently and do their favorite activities even with diminished sight. Here we will look at some of these options and if you want more information about these products, you can look at our articles about each one for more in-depth information.

Gifts for Fun

When you want to find vision aids for macular degeneration that are fun gift ideas, look into the games that are made with enhanced qualities to make them easier to see. Checkers, cards, backgammon and crossword puzzles are just some of the examples of games that are made in this way. With heightened color contrast and recessed areas, these games come with vision aids for macular degeneration built right in.

There are also books made with large print that can be great vision aids for macular degeneration. Finding someone’s favorite book in large print can not only be a thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea, but can also make their day. If you cannot find the book you want in large print, you can also find an electronic reader that is able to magnify the size to at least a 16 point font. These electronic readers allow people to download almost any book imaginable and have it available in large-print format!

Gifts for Safety

If you want to get your loved one a present that is built with vision aids for macular degeneration but also has features that increase their safety, you could consider a large-button phone if they do not have one already. These phones often have various visual aids for macular degeneration including an emergency button that will call the police rather than requiring that you dial in the police’s phone number.

Other gifts with visual aids for macular degeneration that increase safety are lighted floor lamps. These can help people with AMD to see their way around small corners and other areas of the home that may be dangerous with limited vision.

Gifts for Convenience

There are countless gifts you can get with aids for macular degeneration that will help your loved one have a more convenient and stress-free life. For instance, talking watches are inexpensive but allow them to know the time without having to focus on the small numbers.

There are necklaces with magnifiers as the centerpiece which can also be great reading aids for macular degeneration and make a great gift. They can be very fashionable, never get lost and are quite affordable!

There are magnifying mirrors that have lights built in as visual aids for macular degeneration. These mirrors allow someone with limited vision to see their face up close which can be wonderful if they want to put on make-up or do their hair like they used to.

The world of visual aids for macular degeneration is extensive and new products are coming on the market all the time! Whether it’s a talking calculator, a talking clock, a lighted mirror or a large version of a board game, the options are almost endless. If you want a gift for your loved one who has AMD, you can look through all the options of visual aids for macular degeneration to find one that fits your budget and your loved one’s needs.

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