Games Made for Macular Degeneration Clients

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Have you found that losing much of your sight has prevented you from joining in some of your favorite social activities? The good news is that there are games being made specifically for those suffering with macular degeneration. Here we will look at some of the qualities of games that are made with macular degeneration vision aids built right in.

What Games are Available?

Many of the classics as well as some newer games are on the market today with macular degeneration vision aids as part of their design. You can find checkers, scrabble, Uno, chess, backgammon, sequence, cribbage and crossword puzzles!

All of these games are available with macular degeneration vision aids in mind.

What Are the Macular Degeneration Vision Aids in the Games?

The games have built in designs that help them to be easy to use even with little sight. Here are some of the qualities:

Large Print

For the crossword puzzles, scrabble and the Uno cards, the larger size of the print is one of the major characteristics that act as macular degeneration vision aids. Having large print means you can see the letters much more easily and that the pieces are harder to lose.

High Contrast

The scrabble, checkers, and backgammon are made with black and white colors as one of their macular degeneration vision aids. The high contrast of black and white allows the pieces to be easier to identify if you have a hard time seeing.


For the checkers, the different colored squares sit at different levels.  The white ones may be recessed, depending on the board you get. Macular degeneration vision aids of this sort are useful because you can use your hands to tell what is going on rather than relying solely on your sight.

Psychological Benefits

When you begin to lose your sight with macular degeneration, many of your activities may start to change. It may become harder to drive yourself places or to read your books without electronic help. Being able to play games with these macular degeneration vision aids built right in can allow you to maintain an active social life. You could play with other people who have a hard time seeing which is good for everyone.

People need human contact and we need to have fun. Without these things, life can become empty. With the help of macular degeneration vision aids like the characteristics of these games, you can continue to have fun, be social and use your mind in challenging ways. Finding as many of your favorite activities that come with macular degeneration vision aids as possible can be a great way to continue to enjoy your life despite what is happening to your sight.

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