Factors to Consider with Macular Degeneration Sunglasses

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It is important to find a good pair of macular degeneration sunglasses if you are diagnosed with this condition. Sunglasses can protect your eyes from further damage and also make it easier for you to see in bright light. Here we will look at the different factors to consider when you are finding a pair of macular degeneration sunglasses.

Talking to Your Doctor

Before embarking on the adventure of finding your macular degeneration sunglasses, take some time to talk to your optometrist or low vision specialist to see what their opinion is on the factors you should consider. Depending on your situation and the glasses you have already, there will be advice they can give you on finding the best pair for your situation.

Blue Light Protection

One thing you will hear about when it comes to macular degeneration sunglasses is that they should have blue light protection. Blue light is the light at the frequency that can damage your retinas, according to recent scientific research. Many sunglasses may claim to protect you from blue light, but if the lens is not orange or red-looking, it will not have complete protection. Yellow or brown lenses in macular degeneration sunglasses offer some protection, but not 100%.

One way to tell if the macular degeneration sunglasses you are looking at have 100% blue light protection is that when you look through them, nothing should look blue. For this reason, they are not safe to wear while driving.

UV Protection

Just because a lens is dark does not mean it is protecting you from ultraviolet light. Make sure that the macular degeneration sunglasses you purchase have this protective feature because if they do not, you are only doing harm, as your eyes will strain to see through them and absorb more UV light.

Full Protection

Depending on the amount of protection you need, there are macular degeneration sunglasses that can fulfill that need. Many people choose to get the sunglasses that wrap all the way around, that is, they not only cover in front of your eyes but also above them, to the sides of them, and below them.

This feature makes the macular degeneration sunglasses fully protective as they will not allow light to get in and damage your eyes.


Polarization is a feature that many people find to be very useful. Its purpose is to control the glare that can happen off of hot roadways or bodies of water. Although it may not be necessary, you might want this feature in your macular degeneration sunglasses if your doctor recommends it because of the places you will be using them and the amount of glare that may affect you.

When it comes to finding the right pair of macular degeneration sunglasses, the most important thing to do first is talk to a low vision specialist who can make the necessary recommendations. If you have a current pair of glasses, you can find sunglasses that fit over them or a new pair all together. As long as you make sure that they protect you from UV light, block out blue light and still allow you to see well enough, you are potentially holding the right pair of macular degeneration sunglasses for you.

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