Cell Phones for Macular Degeneration

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Many people who have AMD do not want to miss out on the ability to have a cell phone, which is why there are cell phones and cell phone magnifiers specifically built with visual aids for macular degeneration. Just because you cannot see clearly does not mean you need to live without the convenience of cell phones. Here we will look at how these cell phones with aids for macular degeneration are made so you can decide if you think they are a good choice for you or your loved one.

Physical Aspects

Cell phones with aids for macular degeneration are made with larger buttons, often times with a different color surrounding them. The numbers are written with the highest possible contrast and size so that they are easier to see than normal cell phones.

The screens are also built with higher contrast levels as visual aids for macular degeneration. Each phone may be a bit different in its physical shape and size, so finding the perfect one for you might be a matter of trying out a few different kinds.

Auditory Aspects

The cell phones that have built in aids for macular degeneration also have great auditory features to make them easier to use. The phones have a better speaker system than most cell phones, making them easier to hear for those who have hearing problems as well.

There is also the option to hear an operator talk to you to help you add names to your list and to make calls for you. This is one of the powerful and convenient aids for macular degeneration that are built into these phones because if you get confused, there is always someone there to help!

Voice Recognition

Another one of the visual aids for macular degeneration that are built into these special cell phones are the ability to dial numbers when you tell them to. Rather than searching through a list of names, you can tell the phone to call someone once it is programmed and it will do so.

Cell Phone Magnifiers

If you are already used to the cell phone you own but are having a hard time seeing it, you can find a cell phone magnifier for less than ten dollars and see if it provides enough magnification. Although they cannot change the size of the buttons or the volume your phone is capable of, these visual aids for macular degeneration can be incredibly useful for many people.

It is clear that even if you have AMD, you can still enjoy the convenience and safety a cellular phone provides. Whether you are driving or taking a walk around the park, it is good to be able to call your family and friends at any time if you need help or just want to hear a familiar voice. The cell phones with visual aids for macular degeneration built in can be a great addition to your life for these reasons.

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