Big Playing Cards for Macular Degeneration

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There are many steps you can take to use macular degeneration vision aids of all sorts in order to maintain your quality of life and playing cards are one of the useful tools in this regard. These giant playing cards allow you to play some of your favorite games with friends and remain socially active. Here we will look at some of the qualities of these cards that make them a great idea to buy for you or as a gift for someone with macular degeneration.

Large Print

Like many items that are made with macular degeneration vision aids in mind, jumbo playing cards come with very large print. The suits are clearly defined and the numbers each take up half of the big card. The value of the incorporation of macular degeneration vision aids into things like playing cards is immense.

The Value of Low Vision Playing Cards

If you used to spend time playing card games with your friends, you may have found that it just got too hard to keep up. You might have used other macular degeneration vision aids but felt awkward about putting a magnifying glass to each card as it was played. Although macular degeneration vision aids like magnifiers are very useful, what is even better in certain cases is to have materials that are visible to you.

Playing cards made with a larger size and larger print with higher contrast and fewer glares can help you continue with your social life, even if the other people playing do not have vision problems. They will still be able to see the cards and you will get to enjoy the benefit of macular degeneration vision aids being built right in!

As a Gift

If you know someone with macular degeneration and are looking for a gift, playing cards with macular degeneration vision aids are a great idea! They are inexpensive compared to some other macular degeneration vision aids, which means you can get the person multiple presents if you want. Furthermore, if the person likes to play cards and does not yet know about low vision playing cards, you will enjoy the look of excitement and confidence on their faces when they are able to sit down and play a game of poker or bridge with their friends and family again.

There are many macular degeneration vision aids on the market today and some of them are for serious activities; others are for fun. Having fun is immensely important for our social well-being and having a set of playing cards can be a great part in this. The more activities that you or your loved one can take part in with macular degeneration, the better!

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