Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment

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If you have been diagnosed with AMD, you may have heard of the Avastin macular degeneration treatment. There are many things to be aware of with this treatment. Here we will look at the Avastin macular degeneration treatment so that you can be aware of its current place in the fabric of the AMD world.

What is The Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment?

Much like the treatment Lucentis, Avastin is a drug that gets injected into the vein in order to stop the growth of new blood vessels in the eye which cause the problems in AMD. The drug combines with the proteins that are telling the blood vessels to grow. The proteins are then no longer causing abnormal vessel growth.

One of the differences between Avastin and Lucentis is that the former is not yet FDA approved and has been used extensively for other forms of cancer. It is also cheaper, by over a thousand dollars per treatment if you did not use health insurance.

It is worth mentioning that Lucentis was specifically designed for macular degeneration and is quite able to penetrate the retina. Avastin, since it was created for other purposes, has bigger molecules that some think is the reason it does not always prove to work as well.

Is Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment Most Effective for Me?

There is no way to answer this question since everybody is different. The most common comparison is between Avastin macular degeneration treatment and Lucentis. Even though these drugs are made by the same company, some people feel very adamantly that one or the other is better. Depending on the study you look at, you may see it proven that they work the same, or that Lucentis is better, or that Avastin is most effective.

Why Some People are Fans of Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment

One of the reasons some people are a big fan of this treatment is that it is far less expensive than the Lucentis treatment. This means that people who have advanced AMD but not much money can still afford to save their vision.

Some people also say that since you need less injections of Avastin macular degeneration treatment, it is actually safer than Lucentis because the latter requires far more injections. Again, the truth of this statement will depend on your particular situation, since some people need more frequent injections than others.

What is the Best Way to Learn about Avastin Macular Degeneration Treatment?

Depending on your personality, there are many things you can do to learn about this treatment in depth. There are articles about experiments that have been done if you are a fan of the scientific side of things, but as we said, each of these seems to prove something different.

Another thing you can do is join a discussion forum where people who have used these different treatments are sharing their experiences. Through the people who are in a similar situation to you, you may be able to learn about whether or not Avastin macular degeneration treatment is the best idea for you.

There are a multitude of treatments available for AMD and Avastin macular degeneration treatment is just one of them. If you use as many resources as possible you will be able to learn lots of information about this treatment. Avastin macular degeneration treatment has helped many people before the creation of Lucentis and will probably continue to do so and will perhaps get FDA approved.

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