An Objective Look at Paul Harvey Macular Degeneration Vitamins

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There are many people diagnosed with AMD who are looking for nutritional support to help deal with their condition and some of them look for Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins. Ever since the AREDS study which found that certain vitamins are useful in halting the progress of AMD, there have been AMD vitamins put on the market to serve this purpose. We will look here at Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins so that you will know a bit more about them.

The Basics

Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins are called “Ocular Nutrition” and come in capsule form. There are a few forms, one being the “Premier Formula for Ocular Nutrition”. These capsules contain high levels of vitamins C, E and beta carotene. They also include an antioxidant called lutein.

Lutein is believed by some to be expendable when it comes to AMD vitamins. Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins contain it because the creators are pointing to the research that lutein helps to filter out visible blue light from the eyes, when it is used in conjunction with other antioxidants. This blue light can cause light damage to people’s eyes. Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins contain lots of antioxidants in conjunction with the lutein.

How Do Paul Harvey Macular Degeneration Vitamins Differ From Others?

Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins contain elements that other brands do not. Whether or not these extra elements actually make the pills more beneficial is not completely clear because there are differing opinions and a lack of scientific evidence to say anything for certain as of yet.

Some of the things that it contains which are not found in all the other supplements include calcium, astaxanthin, stearate, magnesium, citrus bioflavonoids and gelatin. Some other supplements will contain a few of these; few will contain all of them. Along with extra doses of these vitamins there is a FloraGLO Lutein Complex which is patented and therefore not available to the other brands.  Again, there are many who feel that lutein is not a necessary component of macular degeneration vitamins.

How Can I tell if Paul Harvey Macular Degeneration Vitamins are Right for Me?

The first thing to do, of course, is talk to your eye specialist to see what their opinion is. Another thing you can do is talk to other people in macular degeneration chat forums to see what their experiences have been. Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins are useful to some people, but there is also a lot of power in their advertising which means that it makes a lot of sense to see how other people have felt after taking them.

With any macular degeneration vitamins you will find that there will be differing opinions about effectiveness and value. Some people want to save money, some want to take drugs instead of vitamins and others refuse drugs and rely on vitamins. Finding out as much information as you can about other people who have a similar macular degeneration situation as yourself and have also tried Paul Harvey macular degeneration vitamins will help you in your decision.

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