Age Related Macular Degeneration Signs and Symptoms

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Sometimes people are sure that they have age related macular degeneration (AMD) and other times, they are wondering whether or not they have it because their vision is beginning to suffer. There are a few symptoms that may appear as one thing but really be another, which can make it hard to self-diagnose any condition. Here we will look at some of the signs and symptoms in an understandable way from the age related macular degeneration wiki website and other sources.

Observable Signs

The signs are the things that you can see while looking at someone’s situation rather than by being in it. Feeling an itch is a symptom, but seeing the rash is a sign. The age related macular degeneration signs are things that can be observed by your doctor or yourself, though you always need to check with a professional before making a definite diagnosis.

One thing you may notice when looking at your eyes is a difference in the color. This is sometimes called “pigmentary alternations”. You may also see hemorrhages in the eye or material being excreted out of it.

Subjective Symptoms

From the age related macular degeneration wiki site, there are many subjective symptoms. Some of them include a drastic drop in your visual ability; for instance, going from 20/20 to 20/80 in a short amount of time. Regular visits to the doctor could help you to determine this, but how do you know you need to start making regular visits?

If you begin to get blurred vision, you might want to start making regular appointments because this is one of the first dry age related macular degeneration symptoms. If you have the dry form of AMD, you may not get symptoms very fast and only notice a gradual loss of vision in the center of your visual field. The age related macular degeneration symptoms for the wet type include more rapid vision loss.

Another age related macular degeneration symptom is missing areas of the visual field, called central scotomas. Along with this you may also notice that straight lines appear as wavy or doors may appear to be crooked. For many, this is the first age related macular degeneration symptom if they have the wet type.

There are also age related macular degeneration symptoms that are related to light. Taking a long time to be able to see after being exposed to bright light, losing your sensitivity to contrasting colors and being less able to distinguish between different similar colors are also symptoms of age related macular degeneration.

The age related macular degeneration symptoms and signs are good to keep in mind if your vision is beginning to suffer. However, nothing can take the place of a medical visit so that you can do the specific tests that are meant to find AMD before it gets too serious. Identifying these AMD symptoms early can be one of the keys to preventing the illness from getting worse than it has to.

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